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Our Kasual Koffee sessions are running every Saturday from 9 am to noon. Today we had over a half dozen people come by. Mike Purcell with !Shouttag gave a presentation he is preparing for Nov. 9th Pitch the Angels. We all discussed it and provided some feedback, which he incorporated into another session later in the morning. Carl is working on a stealth project that will  launch at the Pitch the Angels competition, and gave us some inside scoop on what it is and how it works. Matt Wiley gave his pitch for Smart Doc Finder that he gave at the last TCA competition. Rich Davis joined us and provided some great commentary, and we had a couple of newbies drop in. Bruce Coleman with the City of Murrieta stopped by for a short visit that turned into a long visit!

We always welcome new participants to Kasual Koffee, so the next time you are around the MIC on a Saturday morning, drop in! No structure, no agenda, just people with ideas sharing stories. 


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