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Last night we were fortunate to have an excellent presentation from Michelle McGovern Stewart that explained how demographic trends will impact everyone's business. 

demographicsWhen she started showing us the last hundred years in terms of generations and how they affect business, it was like a light bulb went on over everyone's head.

Taken into this context, one can understand the reasons for the housing crash, the Great Recession, and most importantly, the coming boom when Millenials hit their stride.

Understanding how these trends will impact consumer demand, and how each generation responds to marketing messages, can help companies avoid making huge, business-killing mistakes.

This can also provide huge opportunities for businesses who do understand what is coming and how they can position themselves for success. The people who attended really enjoyed and appreciated Michelle's message, and we all agreed that every business owner should listen to her. We will have to schedule another presentation on this topic in the fall, so the rest of the community can hear this important message.


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