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Amro Albanna, CEO of ieCrowd, presented the company's plan to IPO to an audience of local investors and shareholders this afternoon. The company has five subsidiaries, all of them commercializing technologies that were developed in local universities. 

ieCrowd is taking a different approach to an IPO, as they have already filed a full statement (S1) with the SEC and will list on NASDAQ after they have raised up to $20 million. As Amro stated, there are comparables to this company listed with much higher valuations, and the company is looking for technologies that can help reduce suffering.

The five subsidiaries currently looking to develop commercial applications are based on technology that makes humans invisible to misquitoes, one that senses gases and other substances in the air and can go in a mobile device like a phone, one that provides real-time oxygen as needed to people who need extra oxygen, one that can control headache and migraine pain, and one to eliminate sleep apnea. 

The company just licensed another 20 patent families. All of the management team has experience in this field, and they plan to bring the first five technologies to market in the next year or so. This IPO is open to any interested investor, not limited to accredited or institutional investors. That's very unusual and an opportunity for the average joe to invest in a real pre-IPO stock.

This is an example of the innovation and growth we are seeing in our region! For more information on the company visit and for information on the IPO go to



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